SEAFLO 12V Submersible/Inline Transfer Pump for Diesel/Freshwater/Saltwater - 280 Gallons Per Hour Flow Rate - 4 Year Warranty

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Upgrade your pumping needs with the SEAFLO 12V Submersible/Inline Transfer Pump, designed to deliver efficient and reliable performance for various applications. Perfect for marine, RV, and other uses, this pump is built to handle fresh water, saltwater, and diesel with ease

Submersible/Inline Transfer Pump Premium Technical Specifications

Model SFSP1-G280-02A
Voltage 12 V
Max Draw 7.5 A
Current 4.0 A
Head 23' (7 m)
Wire Lead 16' (5 m)
Flow Rate 280GPH
Outlet Dia

1/2" (12mm)


Submersible/Inline Transfer Pump Feature Diagram

Submersible/Inline Transfer Pump

Compact design makes it portable and convenient for transfer tasks, while its robust construction ensures longevity and quiet operation.

Suitable for pumping fresh water, saltwater, and diesel!

Diesel Freshwater Saltwater

Temperature Handling: Capable of pumping water up to 104°F (40°C) and diesel up to 176°F (80°C), offering flexibility in various conditions.


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