Galvanized Steel Bruce/Claw Style Anchor 2 kg - 50 kg

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4.40 LBS
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Galvanized BRUCE/CLAW Style Anchor

Why choose a MarineNow Galvanized Bruce Anchor over Lewmar?  The answer is easy.  Our manufacturer actually supplies Lewmar anchors.  That is right, we are buying our anchors from the same place that makes Lewmar anchors.  


The Bruce anchor is constructed of high-grade steel for maximum tensile strength.  

Remains stable even when tide and wind conditions change.

Constructed of heat-treated high-tensile steel in a single-piece design that’s very effective in a variety of seabeds. It remains stable under a wide range of tide and wind conditions. Stows easily on a bow roller. Quick set and reset.


  • Style: Bruce-style claw

  • Material: Galvanized steel

  • Application: Most bottom types

  • Pros: Sets quickly, resets after veering

  • Cons: Limited holding power in mud